SST and Cycle-accurate Simulation of xBGAS


As the HPC community is entering the exaFLOP regime, designing and building these computers are becoming increasingly difficult. Except for considering the traditional challenges of performance and scaling, system architects have also to consider the challenges in power consumption, cost, programmability, etc. Overcoming these challenges requires a holistic approach that not only makes changes to the subcomponents, such as memory and processor, but also concurrently changes the programming model and applications, i.e. the hardware-software co-design approach. However, it is usually impractical to construct hardware prototypes to explore the vast design space. Simulator, in this scenario, becomes an indispensable tool to guide design decisions. In this talk, I will present the Structural Simulation Toolkit (SST), an open, modular, parallel, multi-scale simulation framework for HPC architectural exploration. More specifically, I will give an overview of SST and explain how it works. I will also give demos of simulating a multi-level memory system. The goal of exploring SST is to implement a cycle-accurate simulation framework for xBGAS, which is a major absence in the previous xBGAS work.

Download slides here