Collecting and Storing Telemetry Metrics from RedRaider Cluster


With the deployment of RedRaider Cluster and the new telemetry model adopted by iDRAC9, collecting and storing the telemetry metrics is encountering new challenges. These challenges come from three aspects. First, the RedRaider Cluster (including the Quanah, Nocona and Matador partitions) has an ever large number of nodes to monitor, containing a total of 728 nodes. Second, iDRAC9 provides more than 180 metrics, which is much more than that of iDRAC8. Third, iDRAC9 implements a new telemetry model, the push model, in the telemetry reports, which requires a different approach to obtain the telemetry metrics. In this talk, I will summarize the approaches we’ve explored to addresses these challenges and present preliminary results from our tests and experiments.

Download slides here